Day 12: Canazei to Canazei (14.5km, 453m)

We woke up to rain too heavy to contemplate riding. But around 11:00am it let up and a bit of sun came out, despite the ominous forecasts we had seen. We ate lunch down the street, and got into our bike duds to start climbing up to Sella to attempt the Sella circuit. Drops of rain were immediately felt the minute we started riding, and 7km up the hill hail started coming down. We immediately turned around and descended into stinging painful hail at 60kph to try to get back to the hotel before things got too bad.

In the hotel, we dried off, took warm showers to warm up, and contemplated the day. Roberto came up with the idea to use the hair dryer to dry off the shoes, while Mike hit his head one too many times in the arch between the room and its attached bathroom and declared that he would wear his helmet in the room, even in bed.

We were all quite sick of Canazei by the end of the day, and hoped for good weather the next day so we could ride out of here. Then came the evening alpen glow and all looked right with the world once more.

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